I understand that addiction is a lonely and painful situation, but recovery doesn’t have to be that. Below is some advice that I think everyone on the road to recovery, should hear.   Try Natural Pain Remedies If you are prone to addiction or are already dealing with addiction and you find yourself truly in pain, try using natural pain

Conclusion: Where I Am Now

I went to the facility. While I didn’t have the money to take part in the program, I attended the weekly support group. We talked about our underlying issues of our addiction. I didn’t think that I would have the courage to speak about myself, but I did.   I never missed a single week, but mainly because Rich was

When The Doctor Is An Enemy

I felt so guilty after the drug deal. But that guilt only lasted as long as I was high. After the Xanax wore off, I was right back at the store.   Since I wasn’t making any more money, I had to rely on Jerry to give me spending cash. My allowance was definitely not enough to support my habit.