Conclusion: Where I Am Now

I went to the facility. While I didn’t have the money to take part in the program, I attended the weekly support group. We talked about our underlying issues of our addiction. I didn’t think that I would have the courage to speak about myself, but I did.


I never missed a single week, but mainly because Rich was going to be there. He and I got extremely close. I eventually told him everything about me. From meeting Jerry in college to his death, and yes, my addiction.


Rich knew it all, and he never judged me. He always says “As long as you’re looking forward, the past will soon fade away.


I found myself really dolled up for our support group meetings. I cleaned my everyday life as much as I could. Rich’s presence alone was enough to straighten me out.


We went out on several dates and truly enjoyed each other’s company. Soon, I met his family. His sister has become my best friend. His mom was even sweet to me. I felt loved and welcomed for the first time.


So here we are. Rich proposed to me last year, and we are planning a lovely celebration.


I am 50, and he is 48. I don’t believe that there is ever a time where you are too old to find love.


Rich and I are in love, and I am the happiest I have ever been. I have been sober for one and a half years, and I still have been attending group every week.


I am sober, but I do not trust myself to not relapse, so even when I am feeling pain, I try to go all natural. Natural remedies only.


I have passed the pregnancy age, so I cannot give Richard a family. But he doesn’t seem to care. He is all about me. Always asking if I’m okay, always wondering if I am happy. The answer is always yes.


I just feel so grateful that I was able to find love again. To find a reason to live and breathe. I often wonder if I deserve this happiness. I’ve done so much wrong in my life I don’t see how I am allowed to have the greatest gift ever. Yet, here it is before me and I am blissful. I won’t take him or anything for granted.


Thank you for following my story. I hope this helps you with your life and struggles. Never give up. When it seems like life is never going change, it might just surprise you.