I understand that addiction is a lonely and painful situation, but recovery doesn’t have to be that. Below is some advice that I think everyone on the road to recovery, should hear.


Try Natural Pain Remedies

If you are prone to addiction or are already dealing with addiction and you find yourself truly in pain, try using natural pain relievers. Don’t allow yourself the opportunity to take drugs when you don’t have to. Be vigilant!


Catch Yourself

It is sometimes difficult to tell when you are addicted to opioids. If someone has mentioned it to you, check for yourself. Don’t assume they are crazy or unintelligent. Check yourself for excuses, change in behavior and thinking, changes in mood. All these things may be signs that you are addicted.


Treatment Helps

No one wants to be told that they need rehab. But if you can do so on your own, you are more likely to receive the help that is given. Don’t be afraid. It is a change, but it is also okay. Remember, this is a good kind of change, and certainly worth it.


Find Your Superheros

No one can do this alone. If you can find people who will champion and really behind you, so do it. Support is the biggest asset you can have in recovery. So utilize it, because when you feel like you are at your weakest, you will have someone already prepared for you to lean on.


Don’t Give Up

This is the most important advice of all. This is going to be hard and painful, but you can push through if you truly want to. Some days will be better than others. Persevere and don’t give up.


If you have faith in yourself, others will have faith in your too. Put your faith to the test and prove to yourself that you are more than your addiction.