My name is Tiffany Holloway.


I have been a Xanax abuser for about 13 years. It took me over a decade to straighten myself out … well, let’s just say it was moments before being too late.


So why am I here?


My Xanax addiction cost me EVERYTHING. Once I felt like I lost it all, I gave up and entirely gave into the addiction. I was a truly broken woman without a care in the world. If Xanax was going to take me to a world with no pain, no loss, no expectations, then that’s where I wanted to go.


But then, what I can only describe as a guardian angel, came down and saved me from myself. This angel, or Saint, or whatever he was,  gave me a reason to live. To be alive!


I never thought I could fall in love again, but I have, and now here I am, nearly 50 years old, about to be married.


My wedding is four months away, and I am excited, but I refuse to bring the pain from my past, into my marriage. So I decided to create this blog, sort of like a personal journal. It’ll help me write down everything that I’ve kept bottled up for so many years.


In a way, it will allow me to release what I’ve been holding onto, to start fresh. I am finally happy, and I need to be relieved of any past sadness.


This blog will show you all of the crazy moments that led to my addiction, how it changed me, and how the love of my life, saved me.


So thank you all for joining the Tiffany Holloway Show! I hope you can learn from my mistakes and never have to go through what I did.