Use Your Tactics In Using The Tactical Knives

We must have heard many saying that the tactical knives are nothing but the regular knives that are used and carried by all the people. But then why has it been named differently? Unless there is a difference, the need for a different name wouldn’t have occurred; so this means that there is a difference between the regular ones and the tactical knives best gerber lmf 2. Before anything, let`s first try to understand the difference between these two which will make the further learning better.

These two knives first differ in their design. The regular knives that are used in the cooking area are predominantly used for cutting and splitting veggies, while these tactical knives are made for specific purposes like space station needs, needs of special boat units, war needs etc… This makes it clear that these knives can be used only for those purposes for which they are designed to work for. Again they also differ in their ergonomics, size, materials used for their make and the handle that holds the blade.

It is always better to carry the right weapons for the right purpose which would possibly turn even a disastrous situation into an adventure. Though all the knives are said to serve all the purposes, there are specific knives that come in handy in certain fields for certain situations. For example, the gerber Imf is specifically designed to serve the military needs. The blades are designed in such a way that they exactly match the military specs and hence are one of the best options for defense.

Ka-bar becker

This is another very popular survival knife that can be used in all survival situations and also during family trips and camps. It is a very interesting tool that comes with a blade made of high carbon steel and measures upto 6.5mm thickness. They are designed with a classic nib tip that is sturdy and has a powder coating on it that makes its working efficient until the job is completed smoothly.

Spyderco para-military 2

The Paramilitary 2 is an advanced version of the Spyderco military knives and has taken the survival tools and kit world by a storm. Its exemplary functioning and features have created a great impact in the cutting world. This is a very slim, sleek knife with a back that is kept open and has stainless steel liners. The introduction of this type of knife has taken the tools world a step ahead and these can be used for all purposes.

Zero Tolerance Knives for Hunting

The ZT knives now come with a specific design used for a specific purpose that is hunting. The normal ZT knives were designed to be sharp and multi-faceted. Now this model is made even sharper since the purpose for which they are going to be used calls for accuracy. Hunting is a very dangerous task and has to be done with more care and caution. And once the hunter is in

front of an animal, he needs to be faster and efficient in bringing it down. In such situations a knife as sharp as the ZT hunting ones prove to be the best pick.