Have you ever heard about a 2 –wheeled scooter called the Hoverboard

The hottest toys this holiday season:

It is the season for shopping and gifting. This festive season, if buy a gift is on your list, go for this super amazing hoverboard that you can gift yourself and/or also gift to your cutesy teen nieces or nephews. Go bonkers over this sensational balancing board that promises hours of fun and livelihood.

The boards have actually been so popular in the recent past that it is important that they are experienced to know what great fun they actually are. When the video grab of some celebrities like Tom Cruise and Justin Beiber were circulated on the social media, they suddenly got the hype they deserved.

Of course, the product has also got negative publicity because there have been at least about 40 cases where the product have been defective and believed to have gone up in flames right after charging it or just by itself on overheating. It is strongly believed that the lithium Ion battery is supposed to be the reason for the defect and that they instantly hit up and blow up in flames.

As a consequence, a lot of two wheel scooters have been called back by the manufacturers to set right the problem.

This is my unbiased Swagtron Review (true):

Swagtron has been an immensely successful brand and it is largely because the extensive research and development that it does. The brand is particularly famous for coming out with excellent products that are way above the industry mark. When they started producing in 2015, their first X1 range was a runaway success and in the present year, the twin products launched by them are encore of their success. The new models which are christened as Swagtron T1 and Swagtron T3 are actually technological milestones in the industry where other company’s products are measured up to them in terms of quality and safety.

How would you like a gold hoverboard JJ?

Gold boards are much in demand considering the attractive color that is. The color has been sought after since the time that some companies have started introducing it. Considering the favoritism that the color garners, a lot of online sites have raised their prices for boards in this color and in a way are charging a premium for stocking this color in large numbers.

Hoverboard skins to protect your favorite toy:

If you are someone who likes their things to be colorful and pretty in contrast to monocolor and thematic, then enter the realms of fancy skins for your boards which not only promise you a world of color and variety but also protect your board from wear and tear. The skins themselves are manufactured with so much technology and expertise that very soon you will want to change to the latest one.

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Have you been gearing to buy yourself a balancing two wheel board this Christmas?

Razor has been upping its game all the while and the best in its manufacturing line is the introduction of its hovertrax board. It has foot pads which is ultra comfortable for the user to stand on. The scooter uses the sensor technology where the tilting of the foot pads moves the board ahead in the same direction. This American company has always been on the scene of designing and manufacturing revolutionary sport items like the kick scooter which it spearheaded way back at the beginning of the millennium.

The board goes in the reverse direction if tilted behind. The ride on the hovertrax board is very smooth and some of the reviews from the frequent users even say that they experience as if they are gliding above the road. The board boasts of Everbalance technology that is a patented technology by this world leader in adventure electrical sports manufacturer.

It is awesome. But don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself. You will never repent your decision!